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2021 Travel Recap

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Can you believe that we’re almost at the end of 2021? This year has brought me quite a few new adventures. I visited some familiar places and cities, and also crossed off a huge bucket list location! Here’s the recap! I was pretty excited to get two international locations in this year. Oh and my first time in LA - whew! I have got to repeat that trip in 2022.

  • Santo Domingo, DR

  • Puerto Rico

  • DC (first solo trip!)

  • Connecticut (my home state! - hit it twice this year)

  • Los Angeles

  • Las Vegas

  • New Orleans

  • Greece (Athens, Santorini & Mykonos)

  • Chicago

  • Atlanta

  • Houston

Of course the highlight of this year was visiting Greece. Being able to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the Aegean Sea, the black sand beaches, the beautiful Mountain View’s (best sunset of my life was in Fira, Santorini - hands down!). Not to mention I went with one of my travel besties! And we met two other travel friends too. I truly enjoy meeting and connecting with new people when I travel.

My domestic trips were also a huge hit too! I really tried to step outside of the box and try some new things. But I also enjoy being a true tourist too! Swamp tour in New Orleans! Swinging by the ocean in Santo Domingo! Walking the beautiful streets of Downtown San Juan! Grabbing Garrets popcorn on the cold streets of Chicago! Whew, what a year!

Please know that I worked hard in between all of those trips, and I truly take the time off to rejuvenate myself. My motto is work hard, play harder! And now I’m excited to kick off the new year with my first trip of 2022 - heading to Montego Bay, Jamaica on January 1st!

Travel is life! I feel great about leaning into my love and passion for travel by launching a new venture and sharing my experiences with you all.

May 2022 bring you more love, more life and more travel!



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