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Uber, Taxi or Rental?

Hello Luxe Travelers! Let’s have a conversation about how you prefer get around when you get to your travel destination. In todays time, there are soooo many options for getting around! Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming teyin to figure out what’s best. I will say that for me, it depends on where I’m traveling to AND who I’m with!

For example…

Every year I take a trip with my Dad to a new destination! We’ve toured Manhatta NY, San Diego CA, and most recently Chicago IL. Theres usually 7 of us and we grab a hotel centrally located to things we want to see and visit while we’re there. So for us, Uber/Lift is the go-to way to get about town! Less hassle and frustration with trying to find parking in an unfamiliar place. And honestly it removes some of the stress when we’re simply trying to enjoy each other‘s company!

Travel Tip: Make sure the country you’re visiting has Uber or Lift if that’s your preference. When I was in Paris a couple years ago, Uber was not available due to Taxi Union issues so we waited outside a concert venue for over 45 minutes for a taxi (oh did I mention our phones were dead smh 🤦🏽‍♀️)

Rental Cars can be a wonderful way explore the city! When my travel friends want to hit you different spots around town in a short window, sometimes it’s just best to grab the rental and go. Particularly when you’re staying at an AirBNB with designated parking or your hotel has free parking. HOWEVER I never rent a car when I’m in Europe! Let’s be real, ok? I am not trying to follow my GPS while driving on the opposite side of the road! It’s a hard pass for me🙅🏽‍♀️

Also, don’t sleep on Hotel Shuttles! Many times you can get picked up from the airport for $FREE.99! Some of them even have specific drop off spots & times that could save you coins. And….Public Transportation should be considered as well! In Las Vegas, the buses up and down the strip are a great way to see more of the city. Or even subways in NYC or the Marta in Atlanta. I try to keep all my options open as it gives me another nuggets to take back from the city!

As I always like to say, just make sure you do your research before you go so that you’re linked in to what’s available to you, cost and alternatives. Just know that your preferences are YOURS! Even if you want to splurge on a personal driver or valet your rental every day, do you baby! The goal is to have fun and stay safe!!! XOXOXO,



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