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Six Hours in London

Okay, Okay… I know! This post is a little delayed because I’m in a sweater dress and coat, as it was pretty chilly on this London day. But I can’t go without telling you guys about the 6 hours I spent in London in April.

Most of you know I travel a bit for work. In mid-April, I had to travel to a small town in Wolverhampton, UK. I flew into London Heathrow Airport and had a bit of time before my car service took me to Wolves. And you know me, I had to make the most of my time. Here are a few tips on how I made the most of my 6 HOURS IN LONDON!

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan - Know exactly how much time you have and what’s feasible for you to accomplish. This could be googling distance from the airport to the site you want to visit to make sure you have enough time. I knew the drive into London was about 40 minutes and I accounted for a bit of traffic. So that cut my 6 hours down to 4! I still made the most of the time. Visiting classic sites like the Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Chapel. Oh and those classic red phone booths!

  2. Store Your Luggage - Most international airports have options for you to store your luggage. I was able to tag and store my suitcase for 15 Euros (covered up to 6 hours). This way, I was able to freely navigate the city without rolling my luggage around.

  3. Back Pack, Back Pack - Traveling with a backpack can be handy in any situation, but definitely when you’re roaming a new city. You want to keep your valuables out of site but also have a place to keep a few toiletries and even a change of shoes.

  4. Photoshoot Anyone??? - Part of my planning process included research to find a photographer who could capture some cool pics of me in my worldwide tour of the city. AirBNB Experiences to the rescue! I was able to find Anthony who was an amazing photographer and tour guide. He took all of these wonderful shots!

  5. High Tea & Shopping - Or coffee in my case. I stopped near Westminster to grab a quick bite and a latte to warm me up. Cafe Nero is a popular chain there and the coffee was hot and delicious. I ventured into a few local shops and even got to visit Harrods!

  6. Uber or Taxi or Train - I chose to uber into town and back to the airport. That was the easiest way for me to make sure I got to my destination. However while I was in town, we did taxi to each of the destination as the locations weren’t super close. The train is definitely a viable option, which I might have leaned on more if I was with others.

If you ever find yourself with a long layover in a new city, remember these tips to make the most of your time!



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