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Launching Luxe

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Hello Luxe Travelers! I am excited to announce the launch of Luxe Travel & Lifestyle! As an independent travel agent, I will be offering travel services to the masses.

What makes me qualified to be a travel agent? Well… if you know anything about me, you know that I love to travel! Whether it’s a quick road trip or traveling to Europe with friends, I have experienced it all. Cruises. All inclusive resort stays. Spa vacations. Girls trips. And yes, even traveling solo! My experience as a Luxe Traveler will go a long way in helping you create your dream vacation.

Not only do I love traveling, I also love planning! I know, weird huh? But my friends and family will testify that I truly love organizing and planning events. Every trip we take has a detailed itinerary and plenty of research done ahead of time to ensure our time is well spent! My promise is to offer that same experience and luxury to my Luxe Travelers.

On top of all that, in my blog posts I will share all the tips and tricks of travel with you! From my favorite vacation destinations to my favorite things to do when traveling and even my favorite travel accessories. So hit the FOLLOW button on our IG page @luxetravelandlifestyle and even subscribe for exclusive updates from our website Trust me, you will want to get on that exclusive Luxe Travel VIP List!

So what are you waiting for! Hit the link in the bio to check out all the deets!

I hope to hear from you soon!



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